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Cairns Bee & Wasp removal from homes, sheds, boats, caravans. keeping your family & pets safe. We will remove your Asian honey bees & wasps nests quickly and safely, call us today on 0401365239.

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The Asian honey bee is approximately 10 mm long. Asian honey bees could be easily mistaken for European honey bees which are larger at 15mm to 20mm long. When you see a swarm of Asian honey bees, they are searching for new nesting sites and will vary in size from hundreds to thousands. Swarms can be found flying or hanging from objects such as tree branches, house eaves or gutters and fences as a cluster surrounding a queen. Swarms of bees may remain in place from a few hours up to one to two days while scout bees are sent out to find nesting sites, such as roof voids in your house. Cairns Bee Removal - Homeguard Pest Services are experts in bee and wasp removal, call us today on 0401365239.

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