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Asian Honeybee Removal

November 25, 2017

Is it termites or Ants?

September 28, 2017

Sentricon Always Active #1 in termite protection

#Homeguard Pest Services, #Cairnstermiteinspections, #PestControlCairns Sentricon Always Active #1 in termite protection.The Sentricon System can be used on virtually any structure to protect it against termites. Scientifically designed to eliminate a subterranean termite co...
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Asian honey bee problem

September 19, 2017

How to recognize the Asian honeybee

#Homeguardpestservices, #CairnspestcontrolHow to recognize the Asian honeybee. The Asian honey bee (Apis cerana) is 10mm long. The European honeybee (Apis mellifera) is 15mm long. Being smaller and less hairy with more prominent banding on the abdomen than the European ...
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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control in Cairns Australia - Home Guard Pest Services Protect Your Investment A one pest can bring a business to the edge of total collapse. Regardless of whether you're an eatery or distribution center, market or school, you can't hazard a vermin control is...
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Residential Pest Control Cairns

Residential Pest Control in cairns Australia – Home Guard Pest Services. Protect your family's health Protecting your family’s health: at home guard pest services it's not recently our business, it's our guarantee. As cairns most experienced pest control organization, we...
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Homeguard Pest Services at Cairns Australia.

PEST CONTROL-PEST CONTROL SERVICES-PEST MANAGEMENT AT CAIRNS QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA Home guard pest services is a professional pest control and pest management at cairns Australia licence PMT 1004806614 - QBCC 1125544. Home guard pest services provider and professional expert ...
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Bed bugs in Cairns

September 3, 2017

Homeguard Pest Services treating Bed bugs in Cairns

Don't let the Bed bugs biteBed bugs feed exclusively on blood, and can multiply quickly. So if you have been on holidays lately best to check all your bags and clothing thoroughly. If you suspect there maybe bed bugs present, wash and dry all clothing and bed linen on the h...
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Rats in your Roof

September 3, 2017

Rodents and house fires

Rodents & House FiresThe common roof rat - Rattus rattus These rodents along with White tail rats are potentially dangerous little creatures to be living in your roof voids. Rodents are responsible for causing house fires all over Australia, they will chew and gnaw on just a...
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Prevention is the best cure

G'day all, Joe here the owner and sole operator of Homeguard Pest Services. keeping termites away from your house, in some cases is easier said than done. The design of your house and the way it is constructed, plays a big part in how termites find their way into your home. ...
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