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Rats in your Roof

Rodents and house fires

Rodents & House Fires

The common roof rat - Rattus rattus These rodents along with White tail rats are potentially dangerous little creatures to be living in your roof voids. Rodents are responsible for causing house fires all over Australia, they will chew and gnaw on just about anything available to them. The amount of chewed insulation and exposed electrical wiring i encounter while carrying out termite inspection across Cairns is alarming.
Rodents are very active at night time, often heard scratching, chewing and fighting in your roof. One of the best ways of rodent control is to modify the building so they can no longer gain access. This can be achieved in a number of different ways to best suit your environment. You may notice signs rodent entry points around your house, by the dark greasy rub marks from the rodents bodies making contact with your walls and down pipes.
Homeguard Pest Services use a range of different rodent control methods in order to gain fast and effective results, keeping your family safe and property secure.
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