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The cockroaches just keep coming back even after we spray! here's why, keep reading.

In Cairns we have ideal humid conditions for cockroaches to thrive in & treating them can get a little tricky if you do not have the right approach. Like most people would do, you go & buy some insect spray from from your local supermarket to get rid of your cockroach proble...
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Do you spray termites your self? the answer is no here's why.

It is very unfortunate for anybody to find termites eating your home away. If you happen to find termite activity inside your home, there's are some decisions that need to be made that can either make life a lot easier for you or cause you some serious issues. Treating ...
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Homeguard Pest Services at Cairns.

PEST CONTROL-PEST CONTROL SERVICES-PEST MANAGEMENT AT CAIRNS QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA Home guard pest services is a professional pest control and pest management at cairns Australia licence PMT 1004806614 - QBCC 1125544. Home guard pest services provider and professional expert ...
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